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If cuisine is the alchemy of love, El Cuchareo has the best alchemists. We love sharing our magic with all the cucharistas, enabling you to mark those special moments in your life with traditional food which makes everyone feel like they are at home. What makes our dishes stand out are the best seasonal produce, basic ingredients of the highest quality, the most incomparable combinations of tastes and textures, and not forgetting, years and years of history – all of this while still producing completely updated dishes. After all, modernity doesn’t exist without tradition, and tradition doesn’t exist without those recipes that we all know and love.

The food will only be perfect, however, if accompanied by great people. As a good cucharista, we know that you surround yourself with the best company. Our team, widely experienced in this sector, is also here to keep you entertained, so you can enjoy yourselves safe in the knowledge that we have everything under control.

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Our Products

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Take-Away & Delivery

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miguel herrera

This restauranteur from Algodonales has had cooking in his blood since he was a young boy. He started studying cooking when he was 16 at the San Roque School of Catering, and continued his studies at the Fernando Quiñones School of Catering in Cadiz, where he obtained a Diploma in Catering. He completed his training by attending a number of courses and programmes which led him to specialize in diet therapy.

After working as a waiter, kitchen assistant and chef, not only in catering companies but also in restaurants, he worked as a first class chef for the Provincial Government of Cadiz, and also as a trainer in the School of Catering in Jerez, where he taught cooking classes to both children and adults. Additionally, Miguel actively participates in a number of gastronomic events and business projects. At the moment, he is combining his role as a gastronomic consultant in the Serranía of Cadiz and Ronda with his work as a professional trainer and organizer of exclusive events at a national level. Each and every one of his harmonious and traditional dishes is steeped in his love for what he does, a product of this passionate chef’s life work.

A Pantry of Memories

Our Book

The book A Pantry of Memories (Despensa de Recuerdos), by the chef Miguel Herrera and the writer Irene Golden, shares traditional recipes from the Sierra of Cadiz which draw you into its history, customs and products.

Chef Miguel Herrera has donated the volumes and sales of this book to two charitable associations in Algodonales, the Cadiz Association against Cancer and the disabled association Adial.

Homemade Food

Take Away & Collectivities

Whether you’ve had a lie in and haven’t been able to make your lunch, or your fridge is emptier than Madrid in August, or you simply want to treat yourself, el Cuchareo is now also preparing healthy and varied homemade food for you and your loved ones to take away and enjoy wherever you are. Now there’s no excuse not to eat well!

And as it’s as easy to cook for 30 as it is for 20, we are endeavouring to produce bigger and more sophisticated menus (but also easy on the wallet!) for any kind of event. Leave the same old finger food behind; if you are organizing a birthday party, a baptism celebration or just a special afternoon tea, get it touch with us for more information on low cost catering and we will gladly provide you with fresh and innovative suggestions.

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  • Weddings & Baptisms & Communions.
  • Business Meals.
  • Seminars & Congresses.
  • Show Cooking.
  • Cooking Lessons.
  • Concerts & Festivals.
  • Fairs & Exhibitions.
  • Corporate events.


  • Wineries & Rustic Villages.
  • Circuits.
  • Hotels.
  • Film Producers & TV Shows.
  • Public Institutions.
  • Security Forces.
  • Ministries / Counseling / Town Halls.
  • Sport Events.

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